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Meanwhile, here’s what December has brought to my ears:

Jose Gonzalez has a new album coming out in February 2015. Check out this lyric video for “Every Age”

Berlin-based Danish band Efterklang paired with filmmaker Vincent Moon to do a “Farewell Concert” that features my former Other Music co-worker Daniel Givens! Here is the whole concert film to tide you over until the spring! (p.s. they are not breaking up – this is just the title of the film).

I stumbled upon this band called Jupe Jupe via this Jupe Jupe L’Usine remix. I had heard of danceable abstract electronic musician L’Usine, but not Jupe Jupe – until now. Turns out I went to college with the synth player and vocalist. What a great way to reconnect!

In step with the dance vibe, Museum of Love released an album in October and for December, this remix by Daniel T and Cooper popped up on the DFA Soundcloud page. Bonus: you get a remix by UK house producer Table Man of recent tour mates, Rebuild, as well!


Here’s what September has brought to my ears, with pleasure:

Aphex Twin
The above are sample tracks of his new album, in over 13 years, Syro. Here’s the Sotify link. It’s not a far departure from the at times impenetrably glitchy and faintly melodic electronica by which hordes of musicians have been inspired. And that’s a good thing. After reading an interview from Phillip Sherburne with this elusive artist, something tells me the next release might catch us all off guard (hopefully).

Letha Rodman Melchoir
Sadly, this talented human being left this world on September 25th after a long battle with cancer. The above is a sample of some great music of hers to explore and inspire.

Liza Beth Papp
Music therapist and multi-instrumentalist Liza Beth Papp offers some of the best soundscapes for relaxation and mind-opening through her soundcloud page, Music of the Maidens.

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