Oh, mama!

Well, lovely readers, it’s been quite a year. This mother’s day is special for me – it marks the (completion of the) first year of being a mom! My little guy is doing great and we are teaching each other things every day!

IMG_0375If you haven’t already heard about it, I reserve all my photographic gushing for Instagram. Follow me @lisagsomata if you can’t get enough of baby pics and videos!

Just like the little one, time is a precious thing (ha, I don’t actually call him precious, he’s such a crazy climbing, walking daredevil these days!). So here’s a quick update for you and the mom’s in your life.

I offer a free 30 minute session to discover how bodywork, coaching, and/or sound music healing can help ease this crazy journey of motherhood life.

Your referral is appreciated and accepted. Thank you for your continued support! And please give an extra hug and kiss to the mother figures in your life until the next update!


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