Newsletter 8 — Winter is Vata Season

Winter is Vata Season!

Welcome to issue 8! Eight seems to be an auspicious number in regards to this month’s theme — Ayruvedic Medicine, whose origin traces back to India 5,000 years ago. In Ayruvdeda, when the weather starts to turn cold, it is vata season. Vata is one of the three doshas or basic principles that govern the body. The goal of Ayruveda is to balance these three doshas: vata, pitta, and kapha.
Ayru means life while veda means knowledge, so Ayruveda is the science of life — the study of how we react to our environment. The three doshas reflect principles not only found within us, but the environment. In their basic forms, Vata = ether + air, representing kinetic energy and communication, Pitta = fire + water, representing transformation and digestion, Kapha = water + earth, representing potential energy and maintaining immunity.
Everyone is said to have their own unique combination of the three doshas, influenced by food/diet, activity/physical conduct/bodily functions and psychological conduct. While these change like the seasons, there is always one prominent dosha.
Want to find out your combination? Click here.
Here is where the number 8 fits in — there are eight categories or branches in which ailments fall into when the doshas are out of balance.
1. Internal medicine
2. Pediatrics
3. Psychiatry
4. Treatment of the Head and Neck
5. Toxicology
6. Rejuvenation Therapy
7. Reproductive medicine
8. Surgery
Just like any medicinal study, it can take years to learn the intricacies of these branches. Here, we’re focusing on Ayruveda’s general treatment therapy where the goals are to eliminate toxins and increase immunity. Somata Wellness readers know what road this is heading — these are some of the same goals in massage therapy. Massage therapy can be a part of Aryuvedic medicine treatment called panchakarma, a process for the elimination of toxins using 5 different methods.

Bodywork Therapy Spotlight

abhayangaThere are a million modalities, or types of bodywork therapy. This month, the spotlight is on Ayruvedic Massage or Abhayanga. An integral part of Ayruvedic medicine, Abhayanga’s techniques are similar to the circular and vertical strokes in Swedish Massage. The difference lies in the oils — large amounts of warm oil infused with herbs aid in stimulating the lymphatic system to carry nutrients, remove toxins, and unblock energy channels. To learn more about Abhanga and the 7 layers , or dhatus , it aims to positively affect, click here.

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