Newsletter 10 – Food as Medicine

heart-grapes-healthI’m now beyond the halfway point of my studies at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition!
So far, it’s been an exciting journey, learning how exactly food can heal. For me, the journey started before deciding to enroll — some of you may remember the Soundness blog (affectionately called “the parasite cleanse blog”), where I chronicled the scary process of getting rid of intestinal parasites through herbs and a modified diet.

Along the way, I learned some wonderful recipes and amazing ways to feel better with food!
So here I am now, hoping to help other people learn about the powers of food as medicine by becoming a holistic health counselor!

If I’ve piqued your curiosity, or you know someone who can benefit from talking about their relationship with food, click here to contact me for a health history consultation.

To get an idea of what where the conversation may take us, download this Health History Form — it’s the best conversation starter about what is offered with a holistic health counselor.

This issue’s Bodywork Therapy Spotlight

thai yoga massae_image-26970024_std1This issue’s spotlight is Thai therapies — Thai Yoga Massage and Thai massage. Until recently, I didn’t understand the distinctions between these two types — or that there was any difference. Generally speaking, these are the same modalities. However, their definition and how they are practiced depends on the therapist and who you ask!

Click here to hear from two different therapists.

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