Fibromyalgia Blogs

In doing research for issue 9 of the newsletter, I ran across a couple blogs from some strong, inspiring women living with Fibromyalgia. Check ‘em out:   — “I seek not to be defined by what I have endured, but what I have overcome”  — Even the NY Times reports on this little understood condition, and gives voices to some of the sufferers.   — I love her candor and honesty. — The visual art on this blog is beautiful. This is a good snapshot of her sharp writing style: ‘I’ve gone to doctors that have refused to name Fibromyalgia on my chart. I’ve gone to doctors that look at the kind of pain I’m in and give me the “oh, suck it up” look. The last one I went to looked at my skin peeling under my nails and offered the following comment….”well, you do live in the desert.” ‘



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