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Newsletter 12 – Your Body, Cravings and Addiction

BoyworkCravingsAddictionjpgIt all started with a cover story in Massage Therapy Journal about Massage and Addiction. The article left me wanting to know more, especially in light of dealing with an addiction of my own – to sugar. Check out my … Continue reading

Newsletter 11 – Spring Detox – What’s Right for You?

detox-your-body-guideAfter the winter sluggishness, it can be hard to find the best way to transition into lighter and brighter surroundings, to cleanse and detox the doldrums so you can fully enjoy the season. I’m here to help! Not one way … Continue reading

Newsletter 10 – Food as Medicine

holistic health counselingI’m now beyond the halfway point of my studies at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition! So far, it’s been an exciting journey, learning how exactly food can heal. For me, the journey started before deciding to enroll — some of … Continue reading

Newsletter 9 – Pain, Pain Go Away

FibroPain, Pain, Go Away It’s been a looong winter here in NYC – easily forgotten about in the heat of the summer! Even though most of us are hoping for a longer (maybe less hot) summer, changes in seasons happen … Continue reading

Newsletter 8 — Winter is Vata Season

VataWinter is Vata Season! Welcome to issue 8! Eight seems to be an auspicious number in regards to this month’s theme — Ayruvedic Medicine, whose origin traces back to India 5,000 years ago. In Ayruvdeda, when the weather starts to turn … Continue reading

Newsletter 7 — Body and Sound

bodyandsound  Happy 7th issue! Thank you all for reading through the last 6 issues so far, even if sent out irregularly! I’m officially now a sound/music healing practitioner! Those last few months in the course got much more intense — up until … Continue reading

Newsletter 6 — Music as Medicine

music_and_medicine_by_dasterion-d37m4r2Welcome to a slightly late issue six. I’m happy to report the reason for the delay -a music and sound therapy certification class I signed up for, one weekend a month until July 2012! I hope to share with you … Continue reading

Newsletter 5 — Meditation and Wellness, Pt 2

meditationThis month’s newsletter concludes the two-part article on meditation. Last month, we introduced the different types and basic concepts of meditation and how it relates to wellness. I’m happy to have guest columnist, John Son, a truly talented meditation and yoga … Continue reading

Newsletter 4 — Meditation and Wellness

meditation-leafWelcome to the July newsletter! Did you miss us? We took a break for June to bring you this special two-part missive on the benefits of meditation. Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, lower the heart rate, and strengthen … Continue reading

Newsletter 3 — Spring Awakening

Spring-detoxThere are little hints of spring coming -longer hours of sunlight, buds poking through branches, sprigs emerging from the soil, allergies…. Nature is emerging from its winter slumber, kick-starting our bodies from inward nurturing (yin if you will) to outward reaction (yang, in … Continue reading