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Spring Detox – What’s Right For You?

Welcome to Spring! Last spring we talked about Spring Awakenings in Newsletter #3. This year, all sorts of new buds are blooming. Now the question is, what cleanse is right for you to get these blooms to reach their full … Continue reading

I was on the radio!

On March 7th at 7pm I was on New York community radio station WVOX out of New Rochelle to talk about the benefits of massage therapy! It was as a guest on the show “Metal Mayhem.” Yes, a heavy metal … Continue reading

Carrot Almond Salad

From newsletter #3, this recipe is worth reposting! Thanks to fellow holistic health counselor, Michelle Mahlman! A great way to encourage your body to make way for more lighter, immune-boosting foods – less heavy, wintery ones. Spring Recipe: Carrot Almond … Continue reading

A New Way to Eat – with Sound

Another example of the power of sound! Check out this article from – How sound changes the way you taste chocolate:

Newsletter 10 – Food as Medicine

I’m now beyond the halfway point of my studies at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition! So far, it’s been an exciting journey, learning how exactly food can heal. For me, the journey started before deciding to enroll — some of … Continue reading

Happy Belly Book Launch!

Last night I went to a book launch by Ayurvedic practitioner and wellness expert Nadya Andreeva. I found her through a post on MindBodyGreen and was so inspired by her blog, Spinach and Yoga, and her take on healing with … Continue reading

Cymatik! Interactive Sound Event highlights

Last night I went to a fellow sound/music practitioners event, Cymatik. He had set up an amazing interactive installation for people to experience the powerful effects of sound through Cymatics. Congrats Phillip on the successful event! Your browser does not … Continue reading

Thai Massage

Is there a different between Thai Massage and Thai Yoga Massage? Both of these terms can be used interchangeably, so be sure when you try Thai massage yourself, ask the practitioner’s background — do they have experience with yoga and/or … Continue reading

Entire stream of Black Classical History of Spiritual Jazz

Check out the entire 12 hour stream of “Black Classical History of Spiritual Jazz” from which the Somata Wellness newsletter subscriber mix was derived. It’s way out!    

Fibromyalgia Blogs

In doing research for issue 9 of the newsletter, I ran across a couple blogs from some strong, inspiring women living with Fibromyalgia. Check ‘em out:   — “I seek not to be defined by what I have endured, … Continue reading