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Oh, mama!

Well, lovely readers, it’s been quite a year. This mother’s day is special for me – it marks the (completion of the) first year of being a mom! My little guy is doing great and we are teaching each other … Continue reading

Winter recipe – Vegetable Noodles!

It can be hard to get those veggies in during the Winter months – or at all for the greens-challenged. Here are recipe and tips from one of my favorite bloggers, Wellness Mama, on how to sneak those much needed … Continue reading

Newsletter 12 – Your Body, Cravings and Addiction

It all started with a cover story in Massage Therapy Journal about Massage and Addiction. The article left me wanting to know more, especially in light of dealing with an addiction of my own – to sugar. Check out my … Continue reading

What I’ve been listening to

Newsletter subscribers get a monthly update on tunes that I’m digging in addition to a music for massage mix (quarterly). The next massage mix is in the Spring of 2015. Sign up to get it! Click here to sign up. … Continue reading

Bodywork Therapy Spotlight – Applied Kinesiology

Not to be confused with Kinesiology, the study of movement, Applied Kinesiology is all about using the nerve impulses that run through musculature to diagnose and treat illnesses. Developed by a chiropractor, it is a very controversial form of diagnosis … Continue reading

Your Body, Cravings and Addiction

In the Spring 2013 issue of Massage Therapy Journal, the featured cover story was on massage and addiction. The article outlined how massage therapy can alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal and create a space for trust in the healing process. … Continue reading

Hardcore Smoothie

Check out John Joseph from hardcore band, the Cro-Mags’ recipe for a cleansing, energy-boosting smoothie from the Munchies feature on the Vice Channel. Who knew hardcore and smoothies can be so entertaining (and tasty!) Fits right in with Newsletter #11 … Continue reading

Newsletter 11 – Spring Detox – What’s Right for You?

After the winter sluggishness, it can be hard to find the best way to transition into lighter and brighter surroundings, to cleanse and detox the doldrums so you can fully enjoy the season. I’m here to help! Not one way … Continue reading

Abhyanga Massage (Spring edition)

Back in newsletter #8, I talked about Ayruvedic Massage or Abhyanga Massage, where large amounts of warm oil is used. The strokes are similar to Swedish style circular and vertical motions, and the effects of stimulating the lymphatic system are … Continue reading

Spring Recipe – Asparagus!

Asparagus is here! Back when I had to do a parasite cleanse and was slowly getting back to solid foods (you can read all about the cleanse here), vegetable puree was a godsend. I particularly enjoyed asparagus soup. It’s not … Continue reading